Reflection: Student Ownership Monitor and Clarify: Caribbean Dream - Section 4: Collaborative Activity


As with all the anthology reading material my district has adopted, I have read Caribbean Dream many, many times to my students; however, in light of the Common Core standards, this is the first time I used it to teach my students to monitor and clarify new word/phrase meanings.  In the past I would tell my students what each new or unknown word meant and continue reading.  What I observed during the collaborative activity was that many students already had words they were ready to add to their activity sheet.  They were also consulting, not just with their table partner, but with students around them to understand the word meaning.  I also observed that there was very little copying.  They either used the words they already had in mind, or added words they really did not know.  It looked like they were taking ownership for their learning and helping their classmates in the process.  I almost felt that by giving them the strategies, I was more a facilitator than teacher in this lesson.

I also had second thoughts about showing them how to do a Google search and decided against it because of their young ages.  I know many of my parents limit and monitor the amount of time and activities their children do on the computer.  I also know that, in my district, it is Second and Third grade when the little ones begin doing activities that require internet searches (of course that may be changing soon!).  It just didn't seem worth introducing a skill that they wouldn't be using regularly for years.

Also, as I mentioned in the narrative, I was surprised my students did not mention the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.  Then I remembered this group is too young to know those movies.  Which is not really important, just something I need to be aware of, my students are getting younger, not me getting older!

  Working Together, Taking Ownership
  Student Ownership: Working Together, Taking Ownership
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Monitor and Clarify: Caribbean Dream

Unit 11: Monitor and Clarify the Word Choice
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Objective: SWBAT determine new word or phrase meanings using context clues and other external resources.

Big Idea: Your students will gain reading comprehension skills and confidence using the strategies in this lesson.

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