Reflection: Real World Applications Ads: They Want to Persuade You - Section 3: Closure


Things went smoothly with this lesson today.  I've seen it proven time and time again that kids love working with real life items, and using the Presidents Day advertisements was no exception.  My only issue was jumping to conclusions with one of the student's illustrations.  Despite the fact that I told the kids they had to use an actual product, and despite the picture itself, I was shocked with the advertisement for the Brazooka (it's actually spelled Brazuca.)  I'd never heard of this soccer ball and obviously thought my 5th grade boy was being silly.  I questioned him with, "Are you sure that's appropriate?" It ended up causing him to laugh as he realized what I thought he was doing, and he couldn't wait to tell his friends, who enjoyed it just as much. It was slightly disruptive and entirely my fault.  I guess my suggestion is, to the best of your ability, give the benefit of the doubt to the student before the conclusion jump.

  Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom
  Real World Applications: Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom
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Ads: They Want to Persuade You

Unit 10: Persuasion: Telling you like it is
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Objective: TSWBAT compare advertisements and determine the Ethos, Pathos, and/or Logos represented.

Big Idea: Buy This!

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