Reflection: Checks for Understanding More with Expressions - Section 1: Opening


I could see from the students' work during the opener of this lesson that students were starting to gain more understanding.  In yesterday's lesson, students were not yet confident enough to persevere.  Today, they demonstrated more understanding and more grit.  The students seemed to be much more at ease on this day with thinking through the mathematics and trying to write down a thoughtful response.  

I noticed, as I was monitoring student work, that more students were making sense of the expressions involving multiplication.  It also seemed to me that they were able to understand this particular context (cubic yards of dirt and number of trucks) better than the previous lesson (orders of ink and gallons).  That said, I did see many more students taking the time to read the problem through several times before trying to put down a solution.  This extra time for "understanding the problem" led to better results on this opening activity. 


  Checks for Understanding: Using Today's Opener as an Informal Assessment
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More with Expressions

Unit 9: Understanding Equations
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: SWBAT reason about the quantitative value of an expression based on the individual parts of that expression.

Big Idea: Relate the size of the components of an expression in order to meaningfully understand the overall value of the expression.

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Math, Expressions (Algebra), Algebra, coefficient, inequality, equation
  40 minutes
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