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My 2nd graders would not recognize a campaign poster for what it was.  They did not realize that it was a form of persuasion.  We then had a quick discussion about what it means to have a campaign and what people might want to be elected for. I hadn't planned to discuss the word campaign, but persuasive writing is probably the most elusive for my students, so it was a good opportunity to take a few moments and discuss.

  Real World Applications: I didn't realize became a teachable moment
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Waldo says "Where's Writing?"

Unit 1: Start 2nd grade off with Writing!
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Objective: SWBAT identify examples of writing that surrounds them and compare and contrast types of writing.

Big Idea: Writing is all around us! Look through the Waldo glasses at examples from school and use the 'writing process' to create a project about the types of writing!

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, Writing, Special Education, Persuasive Writing, Expository Writing, Collaboration Strategies, 2nd Grade, group work, Types of Writing, Narrative Writing, brainstorm, Writing Proces
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