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As I listened to the kids' discussions about Moving West, or Not, it struck me that as an East Coast girl myself, my perspective of them moving West was coming from a different place than their own.  I presented the information as I did when I taught in PA, but their idea of West was their home of West Philadelphia. Because the kids in my current class already live in the West as Arizonans, they had to think further and pretend NOT to be out here already. 

In the video, my student chooses not to live in Arizona anymore (like I said, they think West- they think Arizona) referencing weather and dangerous animals.  He wrote a persuasive letter about leaving Arizona, and returning to Pennsylvania.  His choice of Pennsylvania indicates my influence in discussions, I suppose.

  Making the Choice to Move West
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Making the Choice to Move West
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Making the Move West....or not

Unit 10: Persuasion: Telling you like it is
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Objective: TSWBAT write a persuasive letter that helps a reader determine whether it's a good idea to move West or not.

Big Idea: What draws people to the unknown? Why do they stay...or what drives them away?

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explaining the reasons behind their
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