Reflection: Diverse Entry Points J Readers Focus on STAMINA - Section 2: Strategy Group


The important thing for me to remember is that each of these 5th graders reading at a J level (end of first grade)- can be for a multitude of different reasons.  As the days go by I will observe them closely to see what I can learn and how I can support them in reading aquisition.  Also, these students will be receiving ELL support and SPED support.  I'm using Words Their Way in the Classroom to support spelling, phonics and vocabulary development.  Im considering experimenting with the Nifty Thrifty Fifty by Cunningham, too.  It's just fitting everything students need into a packed school day.

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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J Readers Focus on STAMINA

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
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Objective: Strategy groups focus on developing stamina by picking from a set of books to create fat book baggies.

Big Idea: Develop Reading Partnerships to engage and create enthusiasm around reading together in lots of just right books!

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