Reflection: Intervention and Extension Getting to Know Adelita - Section 3: Answering Questions and Recording the Details on a Circle Map


I know that one of the key shifts in Common Core reading is to build knowledge through content rich non-fiction.  However, you can still make many cross-curricular connections through fiction stories as well.  You can make several social studies connections with today's story.  If you were studying maps and geography, you could do an extension lesson about where Mexico was (more than what we did by looking at the globe).  You could also do an extension lesson about Mexican culture - the foods they eat and traditional clothing.  The final extension lesson I thought of was a lesson on character education.  Students could learn a great deal about how Adelita acted towards her stepmother and stepsisters even though she was mistreated.  You could discuss further how students could solve their own problems if someone is mistreating them on the playground, or the classroom.  By doing these extension activities, you could collect social studies grades based on this story.  Just remember to look for connections - not just in your nonfiction stories but in your fiction books too.

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Getting to Know Adelita

Unit 11: Comparing, Contrasting, and Determining Theme in Multicultural Cinderella Stories
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe the characters, setting, and key details in the story and, with guidance and support, record the details on a circle map.

Big Idea: Today we are looking at the traditional Cinderella story under a different lens - we are going to Mexico to see our Mexican Cinderella - Adelita!

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