Reflection: Checks for Understanding Independent Reading: Hooked on Books! - Section 2: Mini-lesson: Independent Reading Expectations


The year is off to a great start.  Students are following the expectations that they will start reading and stay reading during independent reading.  They are for the most part writing post-its to capture their thinking about important events in their books.  In the coming lessons I will require them to write specific kinds of post-its matching the kinds of thinking I want them to be doing.  But for now, they are writing down what is important to them.  I use these post-its as formative assessments.  I learn a lot about my readers by reading what they have written on their post-its. Post-its are a concrete way for students to document their thinking about their books.  In the coming days students will formulate and grow theories about characters and then cite evidence to explain and justify their thinking.  

  Assessing Readers
  Checks for Understanding: Assessing Readers
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Independent Reading: Hooked on Books!

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: SWBAT start reading and stay reading during independent reading time.

Big Idea: Readers READ, THINK, and WRITE post-its to capture their thinking during independent reading.

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