Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Are You Willing to Strike Out? - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


Two things that surprised me when I introduced the article were my students lack of knowledge of who Babe Ruth was and why he was so important to baseball, and how batting averages are calculated. After we discussed the latter some students raised their hands and shared that those were not good records for hitting the ball - I think they thought that batters should get a hit every time they are up.

The problem this created was that without this prior knowledge I wasn't sure if they would be able to make the connection to working hard towards a goal and never giving up when times get tough. I shared a short math lesson, reminded them that there was a pitcher and outfielders who also had jobs that they needed to be good at, and gave a short history lesson on Babe Ruth. I then increased their discussion time so that those who got it could share with those who didn't. In the end almost everyone made the connection between the big lesson sports teaches and life lessons. You might need to ask some probing questions to see where your students are at before going on with the next sections of the lesson, too.     

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Explanation Needed
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Are You Willing to Strike Out?

Unit 16: Poems Everyone can TRY
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: information read about baseball statistics and poetry to determine the relationship between sports lessons and life lessons.

Big Idea: In sports one team always wins and one team always loses - Life is like that, too. It's the lessons we learn from both the wins and losses that creates the character we build through our life journeys.

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