Reflection: Lesson Planning Onset-Rime Segmenting and Blending - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


Practicing initial sounds is a crucial part of our instruction in Kindergarten.  In order for our students to be able to hear ALL of the sounds, they must first be able to fluently hear initial sounds.
In the past, I have not planned to really focus on initial sounds before phonemes (individual sounds); that was a mistake.  Students really need to build their skills with hearing sounds before they can successfully work with phonemes.  In order for students to do that, we need to work with them on initial sounds!  It is important that I plan my lessons now around this idea!  At the beginning of the year, in whole group and small group, I plan for us to really work hard on initial sounds before we even begin to delve into learning with phonemes!

  How beginning sounds set the stage
  Lesson Planning: How beginning sounds set the stage
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Onset-Rime Segmenting and Blending

Unit 8: Phonemic Awareness; the KEY to the door of reading!
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Objective: SWBAT experience routines for blending and segmenting onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.

Big Idea: Initial sounds... Plus some!

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