Reflection: Advanced Students Getting to Know Cendrillion - Section 3: Answering Questions and Recording the Details on a Circle Map


You can make this lesson more rigorous for your advanced students by having them do their own writing on their circle map.  I've included one for you here Student Copy Circle Map.pdf.  You can modify the lesson in several ways depending on the ability of your students.  You can either give each student a set of colored pencils and have them write the answers on their maps before you record the information on the circle map.  When you do record the information, they can check their answers. 

You could also make a copy of the teacher questions.  Since the questions are already color coded you can give the questions, a circle map, and colored pencils to each student and have them complete the circle map on their own. 

These are just two ways you can differentiate the lesson for your students.  As a teacher though, you may have to differentiate the lesson in other ways based on your student's needs.  Hopefully the ideas I've given you will help you too!

  Advanced Students: Differentiating the Task
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Getting to Know Cendrillion

Unit 11: Comparing, Contrasting, and Determining Theme in Multicultural Cinderella Stories
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe the characters, setting, and key details in the story and help the teacher record the details on a circle map.

Big Idea: When you think of Cinderella you think of the Disney version. Today we are going to the Caribbean and learning about Cinderella from the Caribbean perspective.

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