Reflection: High Expectations Advice from a King - Section 4: Organizing and Composing


For years when a student handed me a draft of their work and said, "Here, read this" I passively complied, cooing over the well-written sentences and pointing out (often superficial) errors.  I've decided this year that this approach doesn't get either of us anywhere, except that I've stood there and read their paper in front of them.  I'm all for reading student's paper in class, but first I ask them, "What am I reading for?" If students can't answer then I walk them through the different parts of their paper: Do you have a thesis? Do you like the thesis? Are there introductory sentences? Do you provide quotes?"  As I prompt them the student thinks about their paper analytically, and by the time I've run through the questions they have two or three things to look for. Then, and this is the crucial part I missed for years, I have them write down a plan for revision. 

After a couple of times asking them the same questions students are ready, anticipating the questions, and ready to tell me what I need to help them with. This has drastically increased the number of papers I can read in a class period and it's helped improve revision tremendously. 

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Advice from a King

Unit 5: Beowulf
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Objective: SWBAT - write an argumentative analysis of Hrothgar's advice to Beowulf using textual evidence

Big Idea: A well-written thesis statement can enhance a paper, and textual evidence is essential to supporting a thesis statement.

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English / Language Arts, epic poem, alliteration, heroes, Kenning, Old English, Literary Analysis
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