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I've learned that the right peer-review pairings can make revision and peer-review a successful endeavor, and the wrong pairings can make it a lousy time waster. Quite often, I try to pair students based on their strengths and weaknesses, putting together a student with a strong introduction, but weak evidence, with a student who has an alright introduction and strong evidence. I also try to make sure the students have a set of guiding questions or a rubric to help them weigh feedback and use the right words. That being said I still have students who don't feel comfortable giving feedback or who don't read the feedback of their partner. That's why I think it's important to have students read two to three other papers and give feedback. This means taking the papers out of the classroom and working on them independently or devoting more than one class period to peer-review. 


  Peer-Review Pairings
  Student Grouping: Peer-Review Pairings
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Unit 5: Beowulf
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Objective: SWABAT peer-review using a rubric and make idea level corrections on analytical essays. Students will also have the opportunity to see how other students chose to structure their argument, providing insight into the writing process.

Big Idea: Students can look at the organization and structure of each other's papers and "grade" them for organization and clarity.

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English / Language Arts, epic poem, alliteration, heroes, Kenning, Old English, Literary Analysis, rubric, peer review
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