Reflection: Intervention and Extension Lesson Two: Discovering genre characteristics in literature excerpts - Section 4: Independent Practice: Preparing for Researching Genres


This is the first time in my 9 years of teaching that I will not be spending 10 months going over genre characteristics then reading every piece of genre to identify its impact on reading comprehension. Because Common Core State Standards require students to move beyond the identification level, I am shifting my instructional methods so students can initiate the investigation of genres, characteristics, and its embedded nature in literature. To create this self-discovery, students will enter this project at their level of current knowledge on genre characteristics. For my gifted classes, the project extends their understanding of genre elements to endorse two specific literature samples. In contrast, my regular classes will complete their projects by constructing a comic strip of their general understanding of genre characteristics from a particular story.

I think that I had more FUN with this assignment than my students. Many complaints came from my students on how to construct their ideas in the endorsement letters and even on the comic strips. This behavior is a result of my students being given a template to use when constructing writing products. Because students are facilitating their own learning, providing this template would have (1) influenced their thinking and (2) block the need for creativity.

  Genre Project Reflection
  Intervention and Extension: Genre Project Reflection
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Lesson Two: Discovering genre characteristics in literature excerpts

Unit 7: Genre Characteristics
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT cite textual evidence to determine genre and subgenre types found in literature excepts.

Big Idea: Prove It! Citing Characteristics of Genres and Subgenres

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