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So, I got a little curious with this Mad Minute Data, and with the conversation Joe and I had last night about the importance of fluency in the Common Core, and as a way to ensure that kids have ability to access higher level conceptual work.

I got curious: Is there a relationship between fluency and test performance in my classroom?

Without all the caveats a statistics professor would give, I plotted every kid’s Math Minute average (on multiplication problems) over the last 2 sessions against their test average for the year.  I think adding and subtracting negative numbers would have been better than multiplication facts, but oh well.

This could be correlation without causation, of course, but check out the data attached (brought me back to my consultant days). 

Interpreting the slope and y-intercept of the line of best fit… each increase of 1 your fluency (number of correct problems in Mad Math Minute) would predict a roughly 0.5 point increase in your math average (on a 100-point scale).  In other words, for every increase of 10 questions they get correctly on the Mad Math Minute, this is correlated with a 5-point increase in your math average.

The R-squared is 0.32… which is not great (remember stats class?  Anything under 0.3 is considered not a strong correlation J), but you can see a clear positive association.  Of course, it brings up the question… what is going on with the kids above the line (kids who have higher test scores than their fluency would indicate)?  And what about below the line (those kids who have lower test scores than their fluency would indicate)?

Fascinating data.  Either way, let’s get those elementary school teachers working on FLUENCY!!!!

(and I will talk about this data in class, as this is what we are studying right now in our bivariate data unit J)


Cheers, Jeff


  Data Analysis: Is there a relationship between fluency and math grades?
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Determine missing coordinates given slope

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Objective: SWBAT determine missing coordinates given the slope of a line.

Big Idea: You've found slope before, given two points. But what if I gave you one point and the slope? Could you find the other point?

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Math, modeling, Algebra, slope (Linear Equations), 8th grade, slopes, linear equations, interpreting graphs
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