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At the beginning of the year, I am setting the tone on the importance of doing homework and reading.  I want to to develop students who read because their books are so good they just can't put them down.  Reading logs provide an irreplaceable window into students' reading lives.   I'm studying their reading logs now, but after a couple of weeks I will encourage students to begin studying their own reading habits. 

I use these first couple of weeks to determine who needs help with developing a homework routine.  I also notice who is filling out their reading logs during morning check-in.  The thing is, as a teacher you can quickly analyze the students' log to determine if it truly reflects their reading.  In student reading log #2, the student indicated on his log that he read for 1 hour.  The number of pages read was 14.   This is a red flag.  Possible explanations: The student is not matched correctly to his book, he is making up how long he read, lost his reading log and this is a recreation. The rule of thumb is if a student is reading at their correct level they read 3/4 page in 1 minute.  To err on the side of giving them more time I can quickly calculate the very longest it should take to read a book by looking at the number of pages in the book- lets say 65- and if they are reading between one and two minutes a page it will take them 1-2 hours to read the book.  In this reading log the book was a Judy Moody, Level L.  The very longest it should take to read this book is an hour.  He wrote that he read for an hour and he is on page 14.  Read pages 11-12 on student reading volume in the L-Z reading assessments from The readingandwriting project.  Use the website or attachment.

  Organizational Systems: Reflection
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Morning Check-In

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: Students will have their independent reading books and reading logs on desk first thing in the morning

Big Idea: Fostering Reading at Home! Check for their books and reading logs: Volume, Stamina and Reading Rate

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