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Big idea, author's message, importance of the story, etc. are all ways to describe the theme of the story. I've been asking students to think about each of these in different ways throughout the unit and previous units. Theme can be tricky for students to understand, especially if that is the only way they've heard it described. I've used all of the responses students have had throughout the unit as a way to continually assess whether or not they are able to pay attention to the details but also form larger theories about the big message or theme of the story.

  I Already Told You
  Continuous Assessment: I Already Told You
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Dig Deep: Stopping to Think Deeply About Meaning

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
Lesson 12 of 16

Objective: SWBAT pause to read important passages to grow ideas about the text.

Big Idea: Students make connections between small parts in the story and the theme of the whole story.

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English / Language Arts, historical fiction, 4th grade, literacy, book clubs, Fourth Grade, book club
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