Reflection: Flexibility What Do You See? How Does Your Perspective Affect Your Understanding? - Section 2: Main Activity


The first time students had to write about their perspective of the lunchroom, they didn't really notice anything other than the basic. This lesson doesn't work if they don't get a little deeper. Therefore, I had to be little flexible in my instruction and guide them to notice more details. I gave them a chance to notice the basics, a lot of students, trays, tables, loud, etc. and then I asked them to do it again. As they had their eyes closed, I guided them with phrases like, "zoom in on a group of boys on the last table, what are they doing?" and "Look closely at the food in front of that one kid". I could tell some students had moments of major observation as I guided them. This allowed them to realize that they did have a specific perspective that only they saw.

  Flexibility: I Don't Get It
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What Do You See? How Does Your Perspective Affect Your Understanding?

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
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Objective: SWBAT identify the effect of their own perspective on noticing details in text.

Big Idea: A reader's perspective changes what they pay attention to as they read. Students who understand this can choose to pay attention to details they may have missed.

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