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Book club groups, or any group that converses, are a great way to hold students accountable and challenge thinking. When they know that they have to meet and share with their group a theory that they formed, they also know to be prepared with reasons, most strongly from the text. However, sometimes they come with an idea and when they are challenged by a group member, they realize that there are other ways to interpret details and facts. It actually encourages them to think of multiple interpretations when they are working independently. Students engage in discourse and questioning in order to help each other understand the text on a deeper and broader level.

  Together Our Theories are Stronger
  Discourse and Questioning: Together Our Theories are Stronger
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Slow Down and Pay Attention: Using Details to Comprehend

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
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Objective: SWBAT use details to form theories about issues in books and the way characters relate to the issues.

Big Idea: Students often read over quickly the details in the parts that seem slow. Those might be the most important ones to pay attention to.

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English / Language Arts, Group Communication and Discussion, Comprehension (Reading), group work, comprehension, detail, Fourth Grade, Comprehension Strategies, Groups, 4th grad, book club
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