Reflection: Flexibility Where Are We? Using Details to Determine Setting - Day Two - Section 1: Introduction


This lesson was originally meant to be a one day lesson. Students were to create a quick sketch of the setting with basic label just as an aid to their book club conversation. However, they seemed really invested in drawing that I wanted to honor their interest and effort and give them more time to create a more detailed product. By giving them more time, they seemed more thoughtful of what they included in their pictures, making sure they included things that were really important to the story or character. They even tried to draw in the perspective of the main character. For example, what would the character find important about the setting and how does that help the reader understand the plot better.

This deeper understanding of the setting would not have happened if I just rushed through the lesson in order for them to write. They now have more substantial theories about the book and are more invested in the type of work I'm going to ask them to do throughout this unit.

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Where Are We? Using Details to Determine Setting - Day Two

Unit 12: Discovering Struggle in Historical Fiction
Lesson 2 of 16

Objective: SWBAT use details from the text to describe the setting of the story.

Big Idea: Historical fiction will often use the setting to set the mood that will later change. Students need to pay attention to the changing setting as they read.

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