Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge What Is A Sonnet? - Section 2: Instructional Input


I started the unit by reviewing the basics and fundamentals of poetry, focusing on terms and ideas. We then analyzed music and poetry to look for and evaluate these structures and their impact on the poems they come from. We now build on that by making the effort to apply what we learned in those activities to sonnets and Shakespeare, which is often perceived by students as being very difficult to understand on its own. Scaffolding this process to help students make reasonable connections between concepts allows them to take the necessary steps forward and have increased success with this task.

  Building On What We Know Already
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Building On What We Know Already
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What Is A Sonnet?

Unit 2: Poetry
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: Students will collaborate in table groups as they analyze the components that make up a sonnet.

Big Idea: Alright, Shakespeare, Show Me What You've Got!

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