Reflection: High Expectations Cause and Effect: Character Involvement - Section 5: Independent Practice


In this type of lesson where the goal is for students to work independently, it is very important to watch for and be aware of students who are not at that point yet.  From my classroom observations my two higher reading groups had no problems completing the activity sheet; however this activity was challenging for my beginning and basic students.  I had expected it would be for my Beginning Readers, but was surprised that the next group up had problems, especially since they did fairly well in the previous lessons working with their table partners.  Reviewing my reflection notes and seating arrangement, I have my Beginning Readers up front where I have easy/fast access to them.  My most independent readers sit in the back, and my middle readers sit in the middle.  However, the thing with this middle group: about half are more independent, and the other half can do the work, but lack confidence.  Together they make up 2 leveled reading groups and sit mixed together.  Telling me, when they are working with their table partners the higher reader is doing a lot of the work, or carrying the less confident reader.  Telling me when I am working with the leveled reading groups to continue to work on confidence and independence for this middle group.

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Cause and Effect: Character Involvement

Unit 6: Cause and Effect
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT work independently to identify the cause and effect events and character involvement in the beginning, middle, and end of the literary text.

Big Idea: In this lesson your students are given the opportunity to demonstrate that they know what cause and effect is and how the character is involved.

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English / Language Arts, story elements
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for every action there is a character re
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