Reflection: Data Analysis A Snapshot of Envisionment - Section 3: Looking at Student Work


I learned that many of my students who are not reading close to grade level- are skipping important parts of text. I am going to teach them that every sentence has a purpose to give you information. Good readers pay attention to all the sentences.  Good readers pause and reflect on confusing parts to figure out what they mean by figuring out what exactly confusing.  Then they share the confusing parts with their reading partner or a teacher.  The important information might be about the character, the time and place of the story, or about the events in the story.

This formative assessment informed my teaching of the read aloud during the mini-lesson.  I realized that I must build student background for them to be able to envision scenes.  After looking at student work on this, I began to make powerpoints slides to prepare my students for concepts, items, objects, and vocabulary they might not know.  Pretty much anything unusual is something for me to consider showing them a picture to link the name of the object with it.  It doesnt take long to integrate technology into my lesson and it has really boosted engagement, envisionment, and enjoyment of Hound Dog True, , the book I am using as a mentor text.  A couple of examples are:  bean teepee and tomato cages (vocabulary in garden scene)  pegboard with outline of the tools that hang there, warning signs on the side of a ladder-etc.

  Developing vocabulary
  Data Analysis: Developing vocabulary
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A Snapshot of Envisionment

Unit 3: Skills and Strategies
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Objective: SWBAT to demontrate envisionment skills through whole class assessment.

Big Idea: Pulling back the curtain on "picturing and predicting"- A peek inside their heads!

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