Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Cause and Effect: Characters and Events Interact Day 2 - Section 4: Collaborative Activity


What I noticed today was that my students are quickly catching on to the idea that the characters and events are related.  In light of the Common Core standards, I have changed the way I have taught this unit to spend more time working with the characters and events separately before combining them.  However with my students catching on quickly, I am wondering if I am going to slow, or if this is a fast learning group of students. 

I also noticed where verbally my students are able to retell me the relationship of characters and cause and effect events, they are not at the stage in their writing where they can fully express their thoughts.  This could be due to using the district adopted anthology.   I have noted in my personal lesson reflections to use an alternative reading resource the next time I teach this lesson.

A note I added to my personal lesson reflection was to watch this next year and adjust my teaching to the pace of my students.

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Cause and Effect: Characters and Events Interact Day 2

Unit 6: Cause and Effect
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify and list causes and their effects on characters in a story.

Big Idea: In this lesson you will be helping your students understand the relationship between cause and effect as it applies to the interactions to the characters and events in a literary text.

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