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As the students had begun work on their reflections during the previous class period, I found the common theme was that students wanted and needed more time to feel confident that they had truly done a high quality job on the assigned task. I immediately took that feedback and made this time available. As the groups continue working, I go through and sit down with each group for about 5 minutes to help facilitate their work as necessary. 

They wanted to keep at it and get better at analyzing poetry. They had tasted enough success and seen enough growth in themselves that they were intrinsically motivated to improve. In order to teach students to persevere when a task it difficult, I needed to listen to them as they expressed their needs to me. My plan was to have this be a very brief activity, but they convinced me to modify my lesson to extend the time.

  Motivation, Perseverance, and Increased Confidence
  Intrinsic Motivation: Motivation, Perseverance, and Increased Confidence
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Gallery Walk Reflection and Review

Unit 2: Poetry
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: The students will analyze the gallery walk activity from the previous day and review the work they completed in order to develop an accurate understanding of the poetry analysis.

Big Idea: This Part Was Helpful, But That Could've Been Better!

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