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Some students have a difficult to describing things using any other words than big, small, stupid, ugly, happy, sad, etc. Although someone could use these words for personification, it is really low level writing and very simple. To support those students, I conference with them at the beginning of the activity to start them off. After they pick a topic, I ask them to tell me about it. Is it something they would describe as happy, sad, mean, etc. Then I ask them to describe what people do or say when they have that feeling. For example, my eraser doesn't do anything. Maybe its bored or maybe its daydreaming. If its bored, what would it rather do? What would you rather be doing? If its daydreaming, what would an eraser be daydreaming about? Etc. I have found that once students get the introduction to it in a small group setting they really seem to catch on and continue on their own. 

  How Can I be Discriptive
  Conferencing: How Can I be Discriptive
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Emotional Elements: Using Poems to Explore Personification

Unit 2: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create poems using personification.

Big Idea: Students discover what personification is by describing items with human qualities.

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