Reflection: Joy Another Aspect of the Arts: Discovering Alliteration Through Poetry - Section 3: Independent Practice and Share


This is one of those activities that students will certainly go home or to the playground and share. Alliteration is such a fun tool of writing. Students are happy to practicing this skill. They constantly want to share what they have written, discovered, and created using the strategy of writing with alliteration.

Normally, during independent work time, I ask students to focus on their task and stay ask quiet as possible so their peers can also have the opportunity to do their best thinking. But in this case, the room is lively with on topic conversation and it even encourages students who are stuck and nervous about doing it correctly. By the end of the lesson everyone has a poem that they are happy with and everyone is excited about hearing their peers' poem.

  Happiness Happens through Humor
  Joy: Happiness Happens through Humor
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Another Aspect of the Arts: Discovering Alliteration Through Poetry

Unit 2: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create poems using alliteration.

Big Idea: Students understand the concept of alliteration through creating poems that use the technique of alliteration.

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