Reflection: ELL Students Idioms are Easier than Finding Needles in a Haystack - Section 1: Introduction


Idioms can be really tricky for students learning English for the first time. Yet, many English Language Learners have experienced idioms even if they haven't realized it. It is important to use the most common idioms and short the list that students have to use when teaching this lesson to ELL students. 

A good introduction to idioms in written form is the book, Jawbreaker from the Stink series. Each chapter is titles using an idiom and each chapter uses an idiom in context, helping the reader understand the figurative meaning of the idiom.

Use these strategies to help students who are learning the language.

  New Language, New Figurative Language
  ELL Students: New Language, New Figurative Language
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Idioms are Easier than Finding Needles in a Haystack

Unit 2: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT understand idioms and represent them visually.

Big Idea: Students represent idioms visually to help them understand the abstract meaning of idioms.

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