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Inevitably, when students are working together and the entire class is working on the same finite task, some students will finish early. It is important to have additional activities for them to do. This lesson is really easy to create more guiding questions or scavenger hunt questions for students to use to continue their work with the dictionary. There has to be some flexibility in the activity to help students find ways to continue to use the dictionary.

One way, if you have internet access in the classroom is to have students use those same scavenger hunt questions in an online dictionary. Then they can share the differences between using an online dictionary and a physical dictionary.

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Discovering Dictionaries

Unit 6: Letter Writing, Dictionary Skills, and Language Study
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use a dictionary correctly to find words and definitions.

Big Idea: Student develop confidence in using a dictionary to increase the likeliness of using the dictionary later.

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