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Humor is a great way to engage students in an activity. For some students, reading, writing, and understanding poetry is really challenging so just the idea of using poetry in a lesson can make them shut down. However, if i can include some humor and give them an opportunity to be humorous as well, they are much more likely to be intrinsically motivated and stay engaged. 

I create humor by using examples from poems that are funny, such as poems from Shel Silverstein. I also make sure that my personal examples are funny. When students get a chance to share and create they are motivated to do a good just because they know they will be trying to make their peers laugh as well.

  That's Funny!
  Intrinsic Motivation: That's Funny!
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A Metaphor is a Useful Technique

Unit 2: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT create a poem using a metaphor and identify the difference between metaphor and simile.

Big Idea: By creating poems, students understand the differences between metaphors and similes.

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