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Some students will be very familiar with similes, if not by name at least by technique. Therefore, I extend their learning and practice of writing poetry by guiding them to think about the mood or message they want to write about in their poem. They may want to desribe the topic as a happy thing or as a disapointing event. Once they decide, I ask them to think of each line of the poem as a way to convery that mood. They can describe hitting a bat as being like a warm wind, the crowd as loud as a buzzing bee, or the umpire as easy as whip cream. They can create a much more meaningful poem that also uses similes by thinking of the poem in its entirety rather than one worksheet line at a time.

  Beyond Just Words
  Intervention and Extension: Beyond Just Words
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Similes Are Like Wonderful Stories

Unit 2: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use simile to create poems.

Big Idea: Students learn what a simile is by creating one using poetry.

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