Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Stone Soup - Section 1: Warm Up


The first thing I did in today's lesson was to determine prior knowledge and relevance.  My students were able to understand this lesson because they did have experiences with soup.  Lessons are more successful when there is prior knowledge and personal relevance.  Even though my students come from various countries and cultures, they all could talk about soup.  It was fun to hear about their experiences with family members.  This lesson could be used for sequencing for a fun retell or for acting it out.  

  We know that.
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: We know that.
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Stone Soup

Unit 4: Let's Read and Write About Food
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: With prompting and support the SWBAT write an opinion story after listening to the story "Stone Soup".

Big Idea: We will write about our favorite soup after reading the story "Stone Soup'.

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