Reflection: Intervention and Extension Evaluating exponential and logarithms - Section 3: Verifying properties of logarithms


Some students will struggle with verifying the properties. For those students, I try many different techniques. Some of the most successful strategies include:

  • grouping the student with one that is not struggling. When I put the students together I ask the student to explain how they made their decisions in the argument. Once the student starts explaining I let the group work alone. After a few minutes I come back to the group and ask the struggling student to explain what was done on the argument. I ask questions to verify understanding. If the student is confused, I go to the other student and ask the student to explain his reasoning again.
  • reviewing the example with the student is also another way to help. I have the student explain each step in the example to me. I will ask questions about the meaning of the steps and why this step works. I then ask the student if we follow this example to verify the new property, how we should start.

Some students will just mimic the process without thinking about why but when the students get to questions 4 and 5 they will need to develop their own method. If a student struggles I ask questions like what properties does this property resemble? How were those properties verified? Can we use the same method? Can we alter the method to make it work?

Many students are hoping that I will tell them how to do the work but I work hard to make sure the student does the work and I just help the student develop questions to ask as they work.

  Students who struggle verifying properties
  Intervention and Extension: Students who struggle verifying properties
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Evaluating exponential and logarithms

Unit 3: Exponential and Logarithmic functions
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use properties to evaluate and simplify exponential and logarithmic expressions

Big Idea: Understanding that exponential functions and logarithmic functions are inverses makes it possible to evaluate and simplify expressions.

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Math, logarithms, exponential, Evaluating Expressions, PreCalculus, exponential function, logarithmic functions, equation solving, Properties of Logarithm
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