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Assessment does not have to be formal to be helpful, in fact, the informal, ongoing assessments provide more information on how you might need to adjust your teaching to meet the needs of students. Take the time to look at what students are doing, and to jot down which children may still be struggling with what you are teaching, and which children may need something more.

The students worked in small groups to glue the bundles of ten into bundles of 100. Most groups quickly realized that they needed 10 bundles of 10 to make 100. They counted by tens to make sure they had 100. The paper I gave them held only 5 or 6 bundles but I had told them they could glue the paper together to have enough room to put 100 together. 

One of the groups glued the 6 bundles on each piece of paper but made no attempt to try to put the bundles together to make 100. They were very puzzled when I asked them about whether they had made 100 or not. Clearly they did not understand the concept that you can add bundles of 10 to make 100. Even when questioned and encouraged, they did not make the connection.

This gave me information about who still needed to work with the concept of bundles of 10 to make 100. 

  Assessing Understanding of Bundles of Ten and Hundred
  Assessing Understanding of Bundles of Ten and Hundred
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Magic of Adding Tens

Unit 3: Sensible Numbers
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT add groups of tens within 100 and bundle ten's partners together to make tens.

Big Idea: Students should have mastered adding numbers within 10 in first grade. The Common Core stresses adding bundles of tens in second grade.

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