Reflection: Intervention and Extension Elaborate! From Boxes and Bullets to a Paragraph - Section 2: Strategy Lesson


This is a example of one strategy lesson I gave to students who were struggling with turning their boxes and bullets (main ideas and supporting details) into a paragraph composed of complete sentences.

This was a small group of 4 students.  They practiced elaborating their ideas and the ideas of their peers by adding to the words written on the planning sheet to make complete sentences.  I reviewed that every sentence has a subject and verb, that sentences start with a capital letter, and that all sentences end in a type of end punctuation such as period, exclamation mark or question mark.

This intervention lesson supported the students as they continued with writing their flash draft from their plan.

  Intervention and Extension: Differentiation
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Elaborate! From Boxes and Bullets to a Paragraph

Unit 6: Writing to Learn: Boxes and Bullets- The 5 Paragraph Essay
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT expand on their jottings to write a paragraph with a main idea and three supporting details.

Big Idea: Teach students to write complete sentences in an organized paragraph.

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