Reflection: Trust and Respect A Chance to Revise: Using a Rubric for Self-Assessment - Section 2: Main Activity


Students have worked in partners or small groups throughout this small unit and others to review, score, and provide feedback but this is the first time that they have written in a way that reflects their current writing ability. Some students will be very nervous about sharing their work especially because they have not had the opportunity to revise and make it ready to publish as they have other writing tasks. 

However, I think it is really important to have another set of eyes on the writing or work whenever possible. They will not have this opportunity when they being assessed formally. Therefore, if the students have some classroom set up or system that allows them to work with someone they trust and respect, then I think it is best to include a time for students to share their work while they are reviewing it and using the checklist in order to more completely identify the areas students need to improve on.

  I Don't Want to Share my Work
  Trust and Respect: I Don't Want to Share my Work
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A Chance to Revise: Using a Rubric for Self-Assessment

Unit 8: Genre of Assessment
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT assess their writing using a rubric and revise where needed.

Big Idea: Students get an opportunity to revise their assessment writing in order to improve their end score.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Comprehension (Reading), detail (Composition), 4th grade, revising, publishing, rubric, Fourth Grade, Writing Assessment, writing, assessment, narrative structure, short answer
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