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We use exemplars all the time when we're teaching students to improve on their skills. Using writing samples from other 4th grade students are no different than mentor texts. However, we may also include some texts that are not as stellar so that we can show students the contrast and support them in being able to see where growth can happen. Then they can use that skill in their own work.

Of course, whenever possible, you want to use samples that come from the assessment that students in your class will eventually have to take. However, if there are none available, then there are a few writing examples that maybe helpful online. Here is an example from Oregon State.

If you use a sample from another assessment than the one your students are going to take, make sure you provide them with the checklist or rubric that your assessment will use to score the students. Although you won't be able to show them the true score the sample received, at the very least, you can discuss as a class what score you all think the sample would have received based on the checklist.

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Examining Narrative Writing Assessments: Looking at Sample Writing

Unit 8: Genre of Assessment
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Objective: SWBAT use a checklist to analyze student writing samples.

Big Idea: Students preview writing samples and the tools used in order to prepare for completing the assessment.

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