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Students have developed stamina for writing and working through each step of the writing process through the year. However, it would be tough for anyone to work for 45 minutes and beyond on writing with additional stress of having to complete it successfully. Some students really just want to get it over with and they resort back to their low stamina, quick writing, "I'm done" attitude. Therefore, you might need to give a pep talk before hand, reminding students that this is a chance for them to use their skills and show what they can do. They should take all the time they need and no less. Each step is as important on the practice and real assessment as it is when they are working to complete writing through a unit of study. Hopefully, this will encourage them to persevere when they are tired of sitting quietly and writing.

  Okay, I'm Done (Way Too Early)
  Perseverance: Okay, I'm Done (Way Too Early)
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A Time to Write: Practicing Writing with a Narrative Prompt

Unit 8: Genre of Assessment
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use the writing process to respond to a writing assessment prompt.

Big Idea: Students practice responding to a writing prompt to prepare for the state assessment.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, prewriting, drafting (Writing Process), Comprehension (Reading), detail (Composition), 4th grade, drafting, Fourth Grade, Writing Assessment, prompt, assessment, rubric, narrative structure, short answer
  55 minutes
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