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Its really tempting for students (and adults) to peek at the answer choices before being ready. The students won't practice the strategy that will help them use their reading skills and is more reliable way of answering multiple choice question if they just look at the options and choose one. Also, students can easily be distracted by the options that "seem right". 

Therefore, a few strategies that I have used, is to have the questions typed on a seperate sheet of paper or even displayed for the class without the choices available. I have also asked students to cover the questions up with a sticky note. Eventually, it is accountability that keeps them from looking on a test. Try to use anything that helps them at least at first to practice the skill and understand how it could be success.

  Don't Peek
  Accountability: Don't Peek
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Answering Questions: Predicting the Answer Before Looking at the Choices

Unit 8: Genre of Assessment
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use text based example to predict the answer to assessment questions before answering with the multiple choice answers.

Big Idea: Students predict the answer to assessment questions which help them stay focused and not get distracted by close but not accurate answers.

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