Reflection: Shared Expectations Dramatic Reading of the Slingshot scene - Section 2: Dramatic Reading


I decided not to read too much of the beginning of this scene in which Assef is creepily petting Sohrab.  It's simply too disgusting for words and hard for me to affirm as a teacher.  I know that understanding his level of villainy makes the revenge against him all the more deserved and more powerful, but still, I decided to focus on the second part of this scene, starting with the  confrontation between Assef and Amir.  

The students seemed to really enjoy the scene and reacted audibly in triumph and a bit of gnarly disgust when Sohrab shot out Assef's eye.  They also seemed to be engaged in the parts the followed, as Amir and Sohrab fled.  I am curious to read their exit slips on the scenes to see what needs follow-up in future discussions. 

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Dramatic Reading of the Slingshot scene

Unit 8: Extending Literary Reading in the Middle Chapters of The Kite Runner
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT explain how the slingshot scene provides a thematic and character culmination in the novel; they will do this by discussing a quiz, listening to a dramatic reading and doing some informal writing.

Big Idea: The slingshot scene provides a powerful culmination of plot and character in The Kite Runner!

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English / Language Arts, character action, theme (Reading Comp), climax (Literary Structure), cultural significance, characterization (Fictional Lit), dramatic reaidng, dramatic reading, the kite runner, slingshot, slingshot scene, Kite Runner
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