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As we started to work on the Frogs on a Log project, one of the students suggested that we add more to our pictures instead of simply frogs and logs.  As this child offered that we should glue the picture onto blue paper as to look like water, another student thought we should be drawing lily pads and those "brown stick things" (cattails).  I thought that their suggestions were brilliant, but since we were running out of time, I couldn't really get the paper prepped in time.  I put out a few materials out, and students really got a chance to design their own project as long as it met the objective that was set at the beginning.

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  Student Led Inquiry: A Little Step Farther
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Unit 5: Kids and Ezra Jack Keats
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to add or substitute individual sounds to a rime to make new words. Student Objective: I can substitute letters to make new words.

Big Idea: Children can make a project from the words that we have made in a word family.

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frogs on a log
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