Reflection: Student Ownership Beowulf and the Coast Guard - Section 2: Understanding Power


Students didn't do so well in this lesson. They enjoyed writing the interpretation and felt that they better understood what was said and what happened in the text.  However, when they got outside to act it out, they didn't pay attention to their lines or behavior and instead, acted very silly.  Perhaps because it is early in the year, I had the sense that the class wanted to test me, see how serious I was about the assignment and their behavior.  Even though this is a senior class, I need to remember that the classroom strategies I use with 8th graders can be just as effective with 12th graders. I gave the entire class a zero on the assignment because they didn't finish it.  When it came time to act out the scene with Grendel (next lesson, they were a lot more focused).



  Following Directions
  Student Ownership: Following Directions
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Beowulf and the Coast Guard

Unit 5: Beowulf
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze and understand Beowulf's character and how he is a model hero, using power and authority in the correct cultural way.

Big Idea: What does it mean to show power? When and how should a person show power?

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English / Language Arts, epic poem, Beowulf, role-playing, alliteration, heroes, Kenning, Old English, Literary Analysis
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