Reflection: Real World Applications Power and Starburst - Section 2: Whom Would You Follow?


This lesson is one of my favorite to teach because the outcome is so similar everytime I teach it.  It demonstrates to students a lot about the way leaders gain power and how they are able to maintain that power and even make it grow. It also leads to interesting discussions about money and wealth and how wealth can be used beyond simply the accumulation and consumption of "stuff". 

Finally I like this lesson because it uses simple manipulatives to demonstrate complicated ideas about economics and power that just about every student in the room understands the first time through. The simple objects become powerful metaphors, and students then connect that lesson throughout the rest of the epic. 

  Using Manipulatives in an English Classroom
  Real World Applications: Using Manipulatives in an English Classroom
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Power and Starburst

Unit 5: Beowulf
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT understand the power dynamic present in Beowulf and the concept of wergild or 'death price'

Big Idea: What is the link between power and leadership? What are the different ways effective leaders exert authority?

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English / Language Arts, epic poem, Beowulf, alliteration, heroes, Kenning, Old English, Literary Analysis
  45 minutes
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