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I've had some real success using the Reading Foundations Chart that I created to guide my phonics instruction: First Grade Reading Foundations. When I first approached teaching phonics, I realized I needed a linear outline of when to teach what phonics skills. I am also someone who likes to cross off the letters as I teach them (though we always circle back to review old material to make sure it stays fresh), and I love having the class do work in stations on the skills they need. The past two years the teachers that used this guide have proven it to be very effective in increasing student growth. 

Also, please note that the guide really is not just Reading Foundations, because I added in the Sopris West recommendations. I just wanted to make sure I taught my students everything they needed!

  Pacing: Creating a Pacing Guide
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Words with oi and oy

Unit 17: Reading Foundational Skills
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT read, write, and spell words with oi and oy.

Big Idea: Launch a connection by relating the oi and oy sound to Buzzlight Year.

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