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This activity can get very long and frustrating if students are looking for certain color cubes.  I encountered this problem and here are two possible solutions that I am thinking about for future activities.

1.  If possible, use just one color of cubes.  This eliminates the problem, but may not be a possibility if you have limited cubes or may be time consuming if your cubes are in a tube with the colors mixed together.

2.  Spend more time teaching students how to use cubes as a math tool at the beginning of the year.  Give students an opportunity to explore the cubes, and then show how they are used as a math tool.  Have student practice taking out a number of cubes quickly and passing the container so that they get used to the procedure for activities like this throughout the school year.

  The Color of the Cubes
  High Expectations: The Color of the Cubes
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Measurement- Comparing Length Day 2

Unit 6: Graphing and Measurement
Lesson 12 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to compare length using the terms longer and shorter.

Big Idea: Cubes are a great tool to use when exploring length and making measurement comparisons!

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Math, Measurement, shorter, longer, Graphing, shapes, sorting, length, weight, Literacy in Math
  55 minutes
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