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When making comparisons with students about physical features, especially those that can not be changed (height versus something like hair style), it is important to make sure that there is a positive and respectful culture in the classroom.  While this activity is an easy way to model the concept, we do not want to make any student feel uncomfortable. 

One students was very upset after this activity because she was the shortest student in the class.  It was to the extreme that she did not get any other work done for the rest of math and wanted to go home.  Her classmates were very respectful during and no one had said anything negative about her being short during the activity.  After math, I have my planning period, so I was able to sit down and talk to her one on one.  We talked about the benefits to being the shortest and I shared some of my personal experiences.  We then went around the school to see if any adults were shorter than me and guess what there aren't!  Being the shortest staff member in the building really helped show this student that it is okay to be short!

  But I am short!
  But I am short!
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Measurement- Comparing Height Day 1

Unit 6: Graphing and Measurement
Lesson 16 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to compare height using the terms taller and shorter.

Big Idea: Lining up from tallest to shortest is a great way to practice looking at height and exploring the terms shorter and taller.

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Math, Measurement, taller, shorter, Graphing, shapes, sorting, length, weight, Literacy in Math
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