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We have been graphing pictures from worksheet images and books.  Today we started sorting and graphing real objects.  Every student has a different number of objects and is able to share what is in their cup by showing their graph.  This was the first time we did an activity like this, and the students struggled with keeping their objects organized and understanding that their graph was supposed to be different from their classmates.  I am going to do a very similar, almost identical, activity tomorrow with just more objects to graph.  I think with today's experience the students will be able to do much better tomorrow.

  Sorting Real Objects
  Real World Applications: Sorting Real Objects
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Why Use a Graph? Day 1 - Using 2 Different Color Objects

Unit 6: Graphing and Measurement
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Objective: Students will be able to sort objects, record the data on a graph, and talk about their graph using the words more, less and equal.

Big Idea: By sorting color tiles and representing them on a graph, students learn to create an abstract representation of a collection of objects that can be used to answer quantitative and comparison questions about the collection.

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