Reflection: Trust and Respect Rising to the Challenge: Increasing Fluency and Tracking Progress - Section 2: Partner Practice


Like I mentioned in the lesson narrative, there are many arguments for and against fluency practice.  My belief is that students need to understand, practice and apply fluency strategies to their reading in order to improve comprehension.  To that end, we practice fluency in my class.  

The other argument people have in education today is the idea of public discussion of student progress.  I have had numerous teachers and administrators ask how I get away with having whole class conversations about individual data and progress.  To that end, I say that I run my class like a family.  For certain, siblings in a family know one another's grades, business, etc. So it is in my classroom.  

Before we have such discussions, we have many conversations, role plays and team building exercises so that the typical laughing, giggling, or negative comments don't come out.  I don't ever bring up individual progress until the class is ready to hear it.  I also know my students VERY well and work hard to develop strong relationships with all of them to know which ones won't be destroyed by such a practice and which ones will benefit from such a practice.  As we move further into the year, everyone wants to share their data which I think speaks to the front loading work we do on relationship and team building.  

  Reflection: Sharing Student Data
  Trust and Respect: Reflection: Sharing Student Data
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Rising to the Challenge: Increasing Fluency and Tracking Progress

Unit 24: Fluency Practice and Data Tracking
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Objective: SWBAT explain the idea of fluency, test another student's fluency and identify their own area of need in order to reach mandated district goals.

Big Idea: Good readers read like they talk and the only way to become a better reader is to read more!!

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