Reflection: Lesson Planning Kenny & the Dragon Day Four: Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 - Section 5: Recording Abridged Summaries


You'll notice that I recorded all of my students abridged summaries after we finished our study of Kenny & the Dragon.  I'm going to change this up for next year and record two summaries each day. I think this would work better because it spreads out a big job over many days.  Also, when you record, the classroom has to be quiet, and when you record many in a row, that is a long time to be quiet :)  I also think it would be easier to grade two recordings and illustrations a day, rather than the whole class at the end.  However, if you notice I have the students practice reciting their summaries orally during our daily review.  Students will need practice before they are recorded for the digital presentation.

  Recording Each Day
  Lesson Planning: Recording Each Day
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Kenny & the Dragon Day Four: Chapter 6 & Chapter 7

Unit 6: Ancient Greece, Dragons, Gods, and Giants!
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Objective: SWBAT read grade level literature, and write an abridged summary for each chapter showing comprehension of the most important events, character, and summary information in a novel. SWBAT create an engaging audio recording and visual display of one of their abridged summaries.

Big Idea: Read literature, write abridged summaries, and answer comprehension questions

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English / Language Arts, comprehension question, novel, grammar, third grade, rubric, Summary Writing, technology, illustration, audio recording, Kenny & the Dragon, Kenny and the Dragon, abridged summary, Camtasia
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