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Kindergarteners are "movers and shakers" and creating review activities that are fun and hands-on will help guarantee student engagement.  I feel it is important for lessons to include activities like these, but activities alone do not make up for instruction. 

If teachers are going to use learning centers or similar activities, it is important that they are used for review or after explicit instruction has occurred.  Many teachers download and print great activities to use with their students, but they neglect the direct instruction.  Few students are going to master new concepts with out great modeling and vocabulary instruction.  This is especially critical for English Language Learners. 

My lessons always have explicit skill instruction.  Sounds boring, right?  Funny thing is, my students cheer when I say it's time for math.  I think that is because I include fun activities for students to practice skills.  More importantly, the students are successful in doing these activities because of this instruction.  Learning in kindergarten needs to be fun and engaging and as long as explicit skill instruction is included, students will acquire the skills needed for math success. 

  With Numbers 11-20 Review
  Joy: With Numbers 11-20 Review
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Working with Numbers 11-20 Review

Unit 4: Working with Numbers 11-20
Lesson 16 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to practice comparing numbers and working with place value.

Big Idea: Winter is a great time for practicing important number concepts with these fun, interactive activities.

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Math, Place Value, counting, base 10, Numbers
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